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The Water Tower

The water tower was built during 1926-1928. The water tank fits 240m³ of water. It was supplied through a pipeline from River Krzna and it was in use till 1975. The water tower not only supplied...

The wall of death

The place where in 13 and 26 November 1943, Nazis were shot 26 activists of underground organizations.

The Railway Station

The Railway station was erected in 1857 according to the designs of  Alfons Ferdynand Kropiwnicki. It was extended in 1928 according to the project of Władysław Kwapiszewski. The...

The Radziwiłłów castle complex

The first wooden-earth stronghold was built in 15th century and the formation of the current castle complex begun from the palace construction in 1622, funded by Aleksander Ludwik Radziwiłł and...

The Provincial Specialist Hospital in Biała Podlaska

The Provincial Specialist Hospital in Biała Podlaska is one of five hospital of this importance in the province at the same time it is the largest diagnostic and therapeutic centre in the northern...

The Museum of Podlaskian folklore culture in Studzianka

The museum run by Mieczysław Józefaciuk has gathered all kinds of antiquities from this region – machinery for processing flax, sewing machines, furniture, textiles, military accessories...

The Kometa Bowling Club

The Kometa Bowling club is now open for business and it has the longest bar in the city!

The gatehouse in the castle complex

The gatehouse is composed of a baroque style front entrance and a gate tower. The front entrance was designed by Augustyn Locci Mł. in 1674-75.  The attic from 1730s was commissioned...

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