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Saloon Rabarbar, Cafe, Playroom

It offers: a clothes shop - women clothes of Bialcon and Rabarbar brands  - children clothes of Rabarbar, Pinokio and Endo brands. A children playroom - place for children to play, with pools...

Saint Onuphrius' Monastery in Jabłeczno

Monastery, which kept Orthodoxy since XV century, soars surrounded by scenic meadows and trees.


Firma jest partnerem programu „Duża Rodzina”. Rabat 5% na zakup całego asortymentu. Firma jest partnerem "Programu Wsparcia i Aktywizacji Seniorów na terenie Miasta Biała Podlaska". Rabat 5% na zakup...

Roman-Catholic cemetery

Założony w 1805 r., powiększany w latach 1897, 1909, 1918. Opened in 1805, extended in years 1897, 1909, 1918. Surrounded  in 1990 by wall with Neo-Romanesque gate, designed by Władysław...

Restaurant, Pub PANDEROZA

The PANDEROZA Restaurant is a place where you can eat delicious meals with good company. All guests can expect a unique menu full of delicious meals. Dishes are prepared from basic ingredients...

Restaurant VIKKING

The VIKKING restaurant offers hot, fragrant and delicious, two-course homemade meals. Delivery of hot and ready meals is guaranteed. Our offer lets you save time and enjoy tasty treats at home or...

Restaurant Sielska

We invite you to our humble establishment. During your visit to our restaurant, we would like to take you all on a culinary adventure to the Polish countryside of 19th-20th century, when time flew...

Restaurant Ośmiornica

This elegant restaurant with an interior design that will make you feel like being in the depths of the ocean. Delicious ocean delights can be fund also on your plate.

Restaurant ANNA

The Company is a Senior Zone partner. 10% discount on meals in the Anna Restaurant, 5% on organized occasional events in the Anna restaurant: baptism, first communion, weddings, wakes, etc.

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