Dariusz Stefaniuk as another ambassador is inviting to the World Youth days (VIDEO)
The campaign “Ambassador of the WYD in Biała Podlaska precinct” evokes a positive response. Many young people having listened to the well-known residents of the town, want to join the World Youth Days as organizers and participants. Now it is time of another one – the mayor of Biała Podlaska Dariusz Stefaniuk.

Who of us never dreamt of becoming a mayor? Such persons are an authority for everyone especially for young people, who follow their ways to make their dreams come true. Dariusz Stefaniuk, as the steward of the town, invites everyone to take part in the July programme of the WYD and thanks those engaged in the organization of the enterprise. He hopes that all the residents of Biała Podlaska will join the celebrations of the WYD in the area, where we shall host the youth from abroad.

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