Making positive sounds awaiting for World Youth Day

In the context of the pre-Christmas Fair on Liberty Square (Plac Wolności), a positive atmosphere was created also by the local organizers for the preparation of the World Youth Day 2016 as well as the youth that have actively joined in this event. This time the positive energy has been provided by the students of the Stanisław Staszic 6th form college (IV LO) and the Catholic Youth Association headed by the Coordinator of World Youth Day events in Biała Podlaska, Father Leszek Mućka.

During the event you could also listen to the World Youth Day anthem as well as other songs that are prepared for the event that shall take place in Cracow next year in July. In addition, we watched two pantomimes prepared by the local Catholic Youth Association (KSM), encouraging us to deeper reflection. The organizers did not slow down their tempo and no doubt we shall be seeing them during other pre-Christmas events on the main town square.

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