The Biala Podlaska WYD volunteers are in Siedlce ready to help. The Pope’s visit is in the offing
The fuss of the WYD volunteers continues. Despite the completed mission of the stops in the parishes of the town, the youth coordinated by Father Leszek Mućka went to Siedlce, in order to promote the most important religious event of the year in Poland. There is a dozen of days remaining to meet Pope Francis.

In Siedlce Shopping Arcade took place a presentation of what would happen in Biała Podlaska. 50 persons from the Biała Podlaska precinct, presented a flash moby, and the “One” anthem of Jericho, and a pantomime. The response of the passer-bys was priceless.

The dance was joined not only by children, parents abut also the arcade staff. During the WYD fuss the spectators were given special “Jericho” cream fudges, as well as balloons with the programme of the incoming events. The youth got carried away by the craze of the WYD. The beautiful weather took them outside the arcade, where in the streams of a fountain they continued the hullabaloo. The crowning of the programme was ice-cream, pizza and of course … shopping.

The organizers from the Biała Podlaska precinct are waiting for the guests in 18 days. They went to Siedlce invited by Joanna Janus and by courtesy of Konstanty Strus – the owner of the Siedlce Shopping Arcade.
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