Reformed Monastery Complex
21-500 Biała Podlaska
ul. Narutowicza 37

The monastery was funded  for Franciscans in 1670 by Michał Radziwiłł and his wife Katarzyne Sobieski. The first monastery and church was a wooden. The present buildings are brick-built, erected between 1687-92. After dissolution the buildings were adapted for the education purposes. After 1919 year, the complex was the legal address for a female high school and an Order of Minor Capuchin monks. Inside the monastery there are murals from the 18th century. The place was connected with  father Honorat Koźmiński – the organizer of the Honorackich underground gatherings during 19th century in Russian occupation. The churchyard cemetery wall was constructed  in the first half of 18th century,  and within the grounds a memorial plaque to honour local soldiers erected between 1989-90, and a statue of John Paul II which was erected in 2000 funded by residents of the town.

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