World Youth Day 2016: Read the most important information about local events

In July 2016 many guests will be welcomed to Biała Podlaska from all over Europe. The occasion for this great gathering and celebration shall be the World Youth Day that will take place in Cracow. This town on the river Krzna is an important stop on the way to this event that is why there should not be the lack of attractions.

Local organizers of this event have professionally taken care over this preparation.  Each month local parishes will change to true festival of joy and pray. We would like to honestly encourage all of you to actively take part and celebrate in the preparation of the World Youth Day stop in Biała Podlaska.

We urgently need volunteers. Every kind of helping hand available to provide aid in serving others would be necessary. Warmly welcomed will be skills and predispositions that cover the following: communicativeness, knowledge of foreign languages, creativity and openness to others.

Willing volunteers (and there should be around 50 from each parish) will be set in specific sections like for example: catering, prefects, informational as well as guides. Your will to join the ranks of the organizational staff could be expressed by phoning to the leaders of World Youth Days, as well as by e-mailing or by speaking to priests in your parish. All current information can be tracked on funpage of the World Youth Day Biała Podlaska Stop on facebook under this address:

We would recommend also: To Join this event on facebook!

World Youth Days Leaders - Biała Podlaska Stop

• Anna Puścian - Parish of the Church of the Blessed Honorat. Phone No.: 790 696 485

• Agata Widłak - Parish of The Church of the Holy Nativity. Phone No.: 518 420 640

• Cezary Kirczuk - Parish of The Church of the Holy Nativity. Phone No.: 798 381 641

• Damian Trzpil - Parish of The Church of the Holy Nativity. Phone No.: 514 925 230

• Monika Aftaruk - Parish of the Church of Blessed Honorat . Phone No.: 508 829 095 

World Youth Day Leaders - Biała Stop, Email Address:

Timetable of preparatory meeting for WYD:

1). 23.10.2015 - par. Saint Anne

2). 27.11.2015 - par. Merciful Christ

3). December - Everybody in their parish. 

Please do send any photographs on the following address:

4). 22.01.2016 - Parish of the Church of the Holy Nativity 

5). 12.02.2016 – parish of Ascension of Mother of God

6). 20.03.2016 - the march of  the passion of Christ from the parish of the Merciful Christ to the parish of the Ascension of  Our Lady the mother of God.

7). 22.04 2016 – parish of the Blessed Honorat

8). 20.05.2016 – parish of the Michael Archangel

9). 17.06.2016 – parish of the Merciful Christ

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