Pilgrims from France, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine have arrived in Biała Podlaska. We are starting the World Youth Day
Nearly 300 pilgrims from abroad arrived in Biała Podlaska on Wednesday, to hold a stop at the World Youth Days. The final stage of this religious event will take place in Kraków, but before it, in this town on the Krzna River, the young people will have accommodation in local homes and make use of numerous attractions, prepared by the organizers.

Today the official inauguration will be held, first in Biała Podlaska, then in Siedlce. At 10:30 sharp, in the sports hall on Marusarza Street, the participants will sing the official WYD anthem in 5 languages, and the pilgrims will collect their kits. Marek Kirczuk will present his own evangelizing project entitled Find An Idea For Yourself. Also a gospel choir Power of Heaven will sing their set, and the whole event will be crowned by a Jazz Trio band concert.

At 18:00 the pilgrims and the volunteers of the Biala Podlaska precinct will celebrate in Siedlce, the official inauguration under the banner “The Fanfares of Jericho”. In the programme among others are: the presentation of the nations, the WYD anthems concert, a concert of worship and a historical spectacle.

On Friday the youth from abroad will be visiting the region and explore the landscapes of Leśna Podlaska, Janów Podlaski, Pratulin, Bohukały and Kostomłoty. At 18:00 along the streets of Biała Podlaska the Mystery of Christ’s Passion will be held, before presented during Lent. The event will start at the parish of the Merciful Christ and end at Plac Wolności (Liberty Square).

Saturday will also be devoted to the exploration of the regional culture, because in the town centre the will be folk festivities with the performances of the ensembles from the surrounding communes. From 17:00 the pilgrims will be attending an evangelizing meeting in Kodeń.

Sunday will be a special day, not only for the pilgrims but also for the hosting families, who will have an opportunity to organize their guests’ leisure time until 17:00. Then in the Radziwiłłs’ Park will start a festive concert performed by such bands as the Full Power Spirit, Porozumienie, Mate.O and Face. This will also be the farewell to the pilgrims and volunteers, who on Monday morning will leave for Kraków to attend the central celebrations of the WYD.

Apart from the numerous attractions prepared for the pilgrims and town residents, before the central celebrations of the WYD, in the parish of the Merciful Christ a prayer vigil in Kraków will be broadcasted on Saturday the 30th July, after 19:00 on a big screen. From Wednesday at the magistrate you can visit a photography exhibition owned by Szczepan Kalinowski. The regionalist is presenting country crosses in the landscapes of the Biała Polaska region.

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