Podlasie Aircraft Factory

The Podlasie Aircraft Factory was founded on 27th of November 1923. In 1924 next to the plant an airport was built. During 1931-1939 the plant produced over 1500 airplanes of several various models as well as several dozen gliders. Production was halted by bombardment from the German Luftwaffe on 4th of September 1939, where over 70% of plant was destroyed. It was completely demolished and looted by the Soviet Army on 25th of September 1939. Since 1976 it became a military airport. The 61st schooling air force regiment and the 3rd air training centre were based there. In 2003, the military airport was closed and it became a civil airport. In the airport complex there is the remembrance hall of  the Biała Podlaska Division of the Association of Senior members of  the Polish Air Force.

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